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Every day we see animals moving randomly, sleeping on the streets. We notice ill animals on the road. We feel distressed and want to help them. However, some lack knowledge about animal welfare. Some lack resources and some don't take a step as they feel threatened. Do you know Dog is the first animal domesticated by man in ancient civilization?

Animals are most friendly, and they share an exceptional bond with us. Our pets reduce tension and anxiety. In return, we too love them; however, so many pups live on the streets without any food and affection. Many feel street dogs a nuisance; however, if they are provided with food, they act as security in our colonies.

However, the fact is that they didn't get any proper facilities, and they survive by eating from garbages, which affects their health very badly. They sometimes consume plastics that contain microplastics and microbeads, which can affect their digestive tracts. We overlooked the amusing part because they act as scavengers and help clean our surroundings but take an unknowingly risk on them.

How often in these metropolitan cities we listen to the chirping of birds? It is a rare phenomenon, and we can't locate these beautiful birds very often as we have destroyed their habitats through deforestation. As another species on earth, we didn't have just the responsibility of providing shelter to them or else just a cup of water. Many birds die on roads in summer due to the unavailability of food and water.

We see injured animals and birds, we feel anxious; however, only a few take the initiative to help them. To protect these necessitous animals and birds, we, Save Green, take up initiatives like feeding animals, birds, participating in rescue and release operations, assisting the doctor in treatments. We also work on fundraising for animal welfare and getting sponsors for the adoption program. It would be grateful if, through our initiative, people get aware and volunteer to take a step forward to make this ambition a success.

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