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Greenery is the aesthetic beauty of our planet!

Save Green is a Bangalore-based, leading environmental NGO since 2009, with a belief and intention to preserve the ecological heritage of our planet. Nature is the creator. It provides us with almost everything. It is the source of our lives. However, due to human greed and unplanned development, Nature is deteriorating. It is the need of the hour to rectify our mistakes.

2. Thus, we created this Save Green platform to connect like-minded people to change the environment positively. Our mission includes a multidimensional approach starting from organizing plantation drives, developing parks, cleaning up lakes, serving food for animals,
providing education, supporting school fees for children, providing groceries, and bringing awareness among people about the value of Nature. And we also work on animal welfare, initiating actions against parking in footpaths and illegal posters.

3. According to the United Nations, the annual rate of deforestation is estimated at 10 million hectares between 2015-2020. The green cover is decreasing and, Carbon emissions are increasing day by day due to industries, motor vehicles, and fuel combustion. Don't we have a responsibility to reverse all the human-induced ill effects on the environment? By planting trees, we are increasing the oxygen levels in the background and helping in decreasing global warming, and reversing the impacts of climate change. But, unfortunately, man-Animal conflict leads to the spread of zoonotic diseases, like the Coronavirus, SARS, and Ebola. The results of reckless human actions on Nature affect both flora, fauna, and as well as on humans in the form of Lung cancers, skin cancers, shortness of breath, asthma and, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.

4. In our country, we have laws to protect the environment. Even Article 21 of the Constitution includes the right to a clean and safe environment. However, nothing can become successful if there is no participation from the citizens. Environmental degradation affects everyone without any discrimination based on race, rich or poor.

5. We have pledged to put our mission forward for the welfare of our planet. We urge you to join us and spread greenery in your surroundings for better living. Save Green can help you in tree plantation activity and many others. It provides a free platform for all those who want to contribute to Nature and revive it. Let's give our best to our motherland and nation a good, healthier, and greener future. Click to Join for eco-friendly living.

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