A Child without EDUCATION, is like a BIRD without WINGS

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Education has become a basic necessity in the current world. Education is needed for a stable, financially independent life, which helps in bringing equality, makes world a safer and more peaceful place. It also contributes to economic development of the country. India has got an overall literacy rate of 74%, where Kerala has the highest literacy at 93.91% and Bihar falls to lowest at 63.82%. Early drop outs of students are both at primary (4.34%) and secondary level (17.86%), study done by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). The major reasons for the drop outs are due to lack of money, poor parental literacy, malnourished children who cannot cope with the regular educational activities. One more major factor that adds to the low literacy is due to gender inequality, where the girls’ education ends most of the times at primary level itself. The reason for this can again be accounted for financial problems, marriage at a very early age and the lack of the knowledge of real significance of educating a girl child.

Save Green is aiming at bringing such underprivileged children mainly those who have dropped out of school due to poor financial condition, into the main stream irrespective of gender. This is an attempt in addition to the various schemes launched by the government to improve the literacy rate in India. Save Green believes in increase in well educated children will contribute to better economic condition.

You could be making a difference here by contributing for the education of underprivileged children and giving them a brighter and a self dependent future. Below given are the methods where you can contribute to the education of a child and help Save Green in achieving their mission Education.

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