tips to save green

Little Green steps for a better environment

Tips to Save Green.

RECYCLE News papers Save Green
Plant A Tree Save Green

There are 63 million newspapers printed each. Of these, 44 million, or about 69%, of them will be thrown away. Recycling just the Sunday papers would save more than half a million trees every week.

It's good for the air, the land, can shade your house and save on cooling (plant on the west side of your home), and they can also improve the value of your property.
save green online bill
tips to save lights and save green

Pay your bills online rather than receive an invoice in the mail. and received electronic statements instead of paper bank statements.

Try to reduce the consumption of electricity in your home. Turn ON the light only if necessary!
tips to save green
tips to save green save paper
Not only are you extending the life of your vehicle, but you are creating less pollution and saving gas. A properly maintained vehicle, clean air filters, and inflated tires can greatly improve your vehicle's performance.
Provide news services in internet which again reduce the consumption of paper.Switch on to online services rather than Buying papers.
tips to Save Green FLY WITH AN E-TICKET
Using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries helps the environment in several ways. As an added bonus, using rechargeable batteries can save you a lot of money.

We can save almost more than 3 lakh paper every day.

tips to save green save paper
Tips to save green Compact Fluorescent Light
(CFL)Compact Fluorescent Light:

One of the best ways to save paper is to use both sides of the sheet. For example, when library made double-siding the default for printers, they cut paper use by 30%! Since then, many campus libraries have set their defaults and expect to save 750,000 sheets each year.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs use at least two-thirds less energy than standard incandescent bulbs to provide the same amount of light, and they last up to 10 times longer. Compact fluorescent light bulbs also generate 70 percent less heat, so they are safer to operate and can also reduce energy costs associated with cooling homes and offices. Save Current Bills.
Advantage and Disadvantage of Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner, save green
  It makes you to feel comfort
Air Conditioner, save green
Air conditioners use a lot of electricity - High cost.
Air Conditioner, save green
  Less noise as the windows will be closed
Air Conditioner, save green
Air conditioning contributes indirectly to the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.
Air Conditioner, save green
  In extreme heat, air-conditioning can be a life saver.
Air Conditioner, save green
Health problems such as asthma, tightness in the chest and other respiratory ailments.
Get into habit of using ceiling fans or even small desk fans and reduce the usage of air conditioner.
tips to save green save earthExtra Tips
Say no-no to plastic:
1.plastic can make you really sick.
2.Chemicals in plastic can make you fat
3.Plastics are just terrible for our planet
**Avoid plastics wherever possible**
**Use a cloth bag when shopping instead**
Quit smoking:

Smoking is one of the major indoor air pollutant and many people still have this life threatening habit. Although you want to continue with this habit and harm your health.

Add house plants to your home:

A House plant not only adds to the esthetics of a room but also helps in maintaining temperature by adding moisture to the air and reduces airborne bacteria, fungi and other unhealthy pollutants.
Sunlight: Sunlight is important for plants and flowering plants require more sunlight. While choosing plant for your indoor you need to decide where you are placing them and will they get adequate sunlight. Outdoor plants require 6 to 8 hours sunlight for better growth and indoor plants need 1 or 2 hours sunlight for it to grow.

Start your day early:

In ester times people used to wake up early so that they can finish all the work to be done before sunset.

save water :
Wash your vehicles using a bucket rather than a pipe.
Do not let water run while brushing teeth or scrubbing clothes.
Wash small clothes with hand instead of using washing meachine because it consumes a lot of water.
Repair leaking pipes,tap,etc to stop wastage of water.
Do not overwater your garden.
Close taps whenever not required.
Conserve electricity:

It is better to switch to Fluorescent light bulbs as they consumes 75% less energy and have more life time in comparison to incandescent light bulbs. Make it a point to defrost your food before you microwave it and let the food cool down to room temperature before putting it into the refrigerator. Be sure to unplug your machines like TV , computer etc before leaving

Use Public transportation:

According to studies 30% of carbon-dioxide is added to the environment by private transportation. We understand that using public transportation is not convenient all times but, one can always car pool. Try the option of taking a walk if you have to pick bread from the grocery store or travel a small distance. Your little effort will help in reducing the demand of petrol and traffic on roads and will also better your physical health.

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