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Importance Of Trees




Trees are nature’s beautiful gift to mankind. Trees provide the green cover essential on land and we can just not do without trees. Trees differ in varieties.

We find Gulmohar trees, pine trees, cedars, rosewoods, oaks, sandalwood etc. Different types of trees grow in different regions of the world.

In India, we respect trees and certain trees are even worshipped by woman, considering their sacred traits and goodness for our health and well being. Different types of trees have different qualities, each of them providing different benefits and serving different purposes to mankind.

The most important use of trees to mankind is the supply of oxygen for respiration purposes. We breathe in fresh air from trees and breathe out carbon di oxide. Plants and trees utilize this carbon di oxide and utilize it for photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is a process that uses carbon di oxide and water molecules in the presence of sunlight to produce oxygen and glucose. This is the oxygen that we use to respire.

So, globally if we reduce the tree count on earth, we are sure to face a steep deprivation of oxygen. If we cut down trees, then we are affecting the natural cycles of the atmosphere, which means less rainfall on earth.

Trees are very important to us because they provide shelter to mankind; they provide important fruits that have nutritive value. Fresh fruits obtained from trees are very delicious and at the same time give out high benefits in terms of their constituents.
Medicinal trees have lot of medicinal value, some of them are eucalyptus trees, Nilgiri trees etc. Specially obtained oils from these trees can be used to cure many disorders of daily life. Apart from that we have many ornamental trees that can be used for commercial as well as decorative purposes. The barks of trees are used to get spices.

Coconut trees are very significant, in that, there is no part of the tree that remains useless. Every part of the tree is very useful to man and man thus exploits for his commercial gains.

Rubber is obtained from the latex of the rubber tree. Rubber as we know is used in the manufacturing of tyres majorly and is of high economic value to any country.
Likewise, we have a whole lot of trees in different regions of the globe that are useful to us in some or the other way and give commercial produces to facilitate imports and exports of a country.

Trees found in forests form a canopy and provide shelter to birds and animals. Trees are therefore very important to mankind, animals and to the entire world and help maintain green belts across the globe and thus conserve nature.

by "Rohit Singh"



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