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Greenhouse effect and global warming

Trees are precious to us do not harm them. Grow them as much as you can!!


As you know, living things are able to survive on earth only because the earth's climate is suitably warm. This is possible because the earth's atmosphere traps the sun's heat on the surface of the planet. If this trapping had not occurred over the past billions of years, plants and animals would not have evolved, as the earth would have remained a frozen planet. This is known as the Greenhouse Effect.

Due to the increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the environment, the earth is gradually becoming warmer and warmer. This warming can have huge and terrible effects on all of us: it can lead to unseasonal rains, flash floods, prolonged droughts and extremes of temperature in the summer (more hot) and winter (more cold). The ice-caps on the tops of mountains and the ice continents can melt, leading to even more problems for humans as well as all living things on earth.

Now imagine a world with millions of more trees than what we have at present. In such a world, most of the extra carbon dioxide would get absorbed by the trees, which need this gas for making food for the entire planet. At the same time, globally, more trees would mean better rains, cooler climates, and decreased use of air-conditioners and refrigerators. This would reduce the other greenhouse gases as well, leading to reversal of global warming. What a wonderful thing to happen!


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