Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q: How old is Save Green?
Ans: Save Green was established in the year 2009 (India).

Q: Is Save Green a registered Org in India?
Ans: Yes, Save Green is a registered org under Societies Act and under Tax Exemption - India.

Q: Which areas does Save Green work in?
Ans: Save Green has been working on various tasks of Environment i.e Tree Planting, Maintenance, Plants on Road/Dividers, Remove posters from Trees, Protect Trees, Cleanup, Paint on Wall, Traffic i.e. Pollution, Traffic Awareness, Smoke Vehicles, Legal Action, Education & more..


Q: How can I Volunteer with Save Green?
Ans: Just follow to our process by click on Join US Tab.

Q: Can I volunteer my talent (i.e. Content Writing or any..) with Save Green?
Ans: Yes, After “Join us” as a nonprofit volunteer kindly Share your Talent via WhatsApp.

Q: What is time schedule of Save Green volunteer?
Ans: There is no Specific day/time for volunteering with Save Green. But we prefer Saturday/Sunday or National holidays. We keep you sending updates/notifications/announcements by WhatsApp only.
(We don't send spam messages).

Q: What’s difference between member and volunteer?
Ans: Member will be a part of Save Green board team (confidential), whereas, Volunteers just contribute their time as temporarily towards the society according their wish.

Q: Does "save green" provide volunteer certificate?
Ans: Yes, a certificate of volunteer will be provided based on your response and attendance.

Q: Why I’m not receiving WhatsApp messages?
Ans: Please ensure you have added Save Green WhatsApp "Click to Add" in your phone list, to verify please message us; as well we will send you a Test message on your WhatsApp.

Q: Do I need to Renew volunteer charges?
Ans: No, It’s FREE WhatsApp for volunteer's.

Q: I want to do my internship so how to apply?
Ans: click on Join US Tab or Send us Mail.


Q: What is the source of funding for the Save Green organization?
Ans: Save Green don’t have proper funding source but however social lovers try to support us by Personal Donations. We always welcome to corporate companies Funds. (Tax Exemption Avail.)

Q: Does Save Green receiving government funding?
Ans: No, Save Green does not receive any government funding.

Q: Do you organize specific campaigns to raise funds?
Ans: NO, Till today we have never asked Direct Donations from people. But maybe we can plan in future to start campaigns to raise funds if need!

Q: How much should I donate?
Ans: There is no specific amount that should be donated.

Q: How can I donate to Save Green?
Ans: Donation Mode: Online i.e Credit/Debit Card, Net banking, PayTm; Click here or Cheque & Demand Draft. The donor gets an instant acknowledgement mail or an SMS. Please ask donation receipt if you need!
(We do not accept cash donations)

Q: Save Green have facility to pick up Cheque?
Ans: Yes, Please Contact us for Pick up Donation Cheque.

Q: Can I pay Monthly Donations to Save Green?
Ans: YES, (ECS / EMI) It’s a good choice to make monthly donation, it a hassle free donation system. Please contact us

Q: Is the website safe to make online payments?
Ans: YES, the website is safe for any kind of transactions.

Q: In whose name shall I make the Cheque for Donation?
Ans: All donations should be made in the name of Save Green.

Q: What are the Tax benefits that a donor will get?
Ans: A donor will get 50% of Tax Exemption (INDIA) on the donation under section 80 G of Income Tax Act.

Q: What will Save Green do with my donation?
Ans: As soon as the donation through Cheque or Online is received by the bank, the amount is allotted to the specific programme, which it has been meant for. The utilization and results are managed and audited. The outcome is reflected in the annual IT report.

Q: Is Save Green receiving donations from out India?
And: No, Save Green is not registered for foreign contributions; we believe to get help and support from our Indians Donors.

Q: Can one donate in kind (Materials i.e. Saplings or any)?
Ans: Usually this kind of donations is accepted only when there is a need in any of the projects/Events, but Materials donation never covers under "Tax Exemption".


Q: How can a corporate get involved with Save Green?
Ans: As volunteering, Donation Support or taking Save Green help in driving the CSR strategy of the company. CSR: click here

Q: Can CSR Donate to Save Green?
Ans: Yes, CSR can Donate to Save Green (mail us info [@], Kindly click here

Q: How is process of CSR Donation Mode?
Ans: CSR Donations only accept by "Cheque or Net-banking".

Q: Does Save Green Provide Donation Receipt to CSR Donations?
Ans: Yes, Save Green Provide Donation Receipt to CSR donors.

Q: When "Save Green" do Social Activities?
Ans: As you know Save Green is a Non Profit org, we don’t have Fund Source; our activities depend upon donations, so we start our activities whenever we receive donations according to goal, you also can help us in CSR Funds.


Q: Save Green Have Permission for planting Trees?
Ans: Yes

Q: Can I visit the site where the Saplings are going to plant? 
Ans: Yes, we will send you notification after finalize tree planting event and you can join us Tree Planting Day or if you are unable to visit then we send you Images of tree planting event.

Q: Can I choose an area to plant trees? 
Ans: Yes, you can advise us Location, so our team will do survey about that location and finalize.

Q: What kind of trees planting by Save Green?
Ans: It’s depends upon availability of Sapling stocks and we never ensure that particular saplings will be available.

Q: Do Save Green sell saplings? 
Ans: No, Save Green does not sell Saplings.